Morris Kight: Humanist, Liberationist, Fantabulist

Biography by Mary Ann Cherry


How did the gay movement, which began as a sedate group of intellectuals, become what is arguably the most dynamic civil rights crusade in America?

How did a deviant and marginalized fraction of society evolve into powerful, effective, and respected leaders?

The short answer: Morris Kight.

A self-aggrandizing, egotistical among powerful egos, Kight’s style of organizing and activism showed the power of the gay community and gay dollars.

2020 book cover | Process Media (an imprint of Feral House) | photo by Henning von Berg

Meet Morris Kight

Morris Kight, Don Saban
1984 portrait of MK | photo Don Saban
1977 MK, Harvey Milk, Christopher S Dogg | photo Elmer Wilhelm
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Morris Kight, Stathis Orphanos
Portrait of Morris Kight by Stathis Orphanos, 1980s

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