In Conversation

Kight was passionate about his disdain and distrust of all things Coors. After years of multiple marketing strategies and fiscal incentives, in 1998 Coors Brewing Company was able to convince the ‘new leaders’ of the gay community, specifically America’s First Gay City, West Hollywood, that the company was now gay friendly and they, the leaders, could rescind the successful Coors Boycott. ‘Elders’ of the community rushed to the council meeting that was scheduled to vote on a resolution that would end the boycott. “No,” the elders shouted. They each reasoned with the council that even though the boycott is successful, profits from Coors still go to serve the religious right agenda, which is always anti-gay. The boycott remains in effect.

Morris Kight speaking at the annual Valley Business Alliance dinner about the founding of the Stonewall Democratic Club in 1975 with Howard Fox.

Mitch Grobeson filmed Morris in Los Angeles in his apartment in 1998 talking about pre-liberation before gay rights, before pride, before community.

WeHo Public Access Early LGBTQ History in LA | Sept 2001

James Fuhrman interviews Morris Kight on West Hollywood Public Access.

Morris Kight, Don Bachardy portrait
1992 portrait by Don Bachardy | photo courtesy of ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives, USC Libraries

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